Nazmul is a Landscape Photographer and a professional Wedding Photographer based in London.  His love of photography began in 2004 when he decided to go on a trek around Egypt documenting his travels capturing landscapes, nature and the colourful people that he encountered on his journey. Nazmul's passion for photography has blossomed from there onwards and he has continued his journey to other genres of photography.

Nazmul's love for nature has taken him to places like Bangladesh where he has documented his work with NGO's on Tiger Conservation.  Working alongside local organisations in London, Nazmul has also undertaken youth projects to teach the value of photography to aspiring young photographers in documenting their environment.  Documenting life and the world around Nazmul has earned him the prestigious award of The Documentary Photographer of the Year from The Royal Photographic Society in 2014.  



Capturing epic scenes through his Landscapes, Nazmul has taken this a step further through his wedding photography where he specialises in environmental portraits, combining the beauty of the location and the couple.  To view more of his wedding photography please click on the Weddings tab above which will direct you to his specialist weddings website SunStar Photography.

With the ever-demanding growth of the photography industry, Nazmul teaches one to one classes, small intimate groups and his commercial clients include online news media, magazines, government and non-governmental organisations.

Photography System

Nazmul's camera bag is predominately made up of Canon gear.  He has always used Canon as far as he can remember, from his film point and shoot, such as the Canon Sure shot to his first digital compact the Canon Ixus 50. Nazmul's first DSLR was the Canon 400D with the 18-55mm kit lens back in 2006.  

His current cameras are the Canon 5D mark 3 along with the Canon Eos R.  Lenses include the Canon 16-35mm F4 IS, which is his favourite  Landscape lens.  The 24-70mm F2.8 mark 2,  70-200mm F4 IS Mark 2 and finally the 50mm F1.2 make up the lens line up.  

Nazmul has used the Lee filter 100mm system since the start of his landscape photography journey and found them to be the best.  He carries all his gear in a Mindshift Gear Backlight 26L and a Shimoda Explorer V2 25L bag.  Lastly, the final piece of gear which is also a must is a tripod, the Gitzo Mountaineer series 1. 


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