My favourite 5 photos of 2020

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My favourite 5 photos of 2020

2020, what a year it has been! One of the worst years of my life personally and photographically.  The year started of really well with a trip to Birling Gap where I witnessed a beautiful sunset and amazing seascapes, followed by a trip to South Wales and the Pembrokeshire Coast to visit a place that I had attempted to visit twice before but was third time lucky at the Green Bridge of Wales.  

Unfortunately, after those trips I contracted Covid-19 in March and was hospitalised for 3 months and was lucky to be alive.  I spent another 3 months in recovery and I am still being affected by long term covid symptoms so there haven't been any further trips but just keeping local and trying to enjoy photography.  However, I did manage to get some images and below I have listed 5 of my favourite images of the year.  I hope you enjoy them. 

Number 5

Nazmul Islam Photography London Landscape PhotographerNazmul Islam Photography London Landscape Photographer

This image was taken at Pontsticill Reservoir in the Brecon Beacons. The image was taken an hour or so before sunset and I initially went to capture the sink-hole of the reservoir but wanted to see if there were other images that I could capture along the shoreline.  I came across this fallen branch in the water and loved the simplicity of the subject,  there was a lot of wind on the lake and the water was fast moving so I decided to go for a long exposure to smoothen out the water and show the branch in isolation of the environment.  I used a circular polariser along with a 6 stop Nd Filter and a hard grad filter to take some of the brightness of the distance hills. 

Number 4

Nazmul Islam Photography London Landscape PhotographerNazmul Islam Photography London Landscape Photographer

This image was captured at Birling Gap on the South Coast of England.  This is a location that I had never been to so I was very excited to find this location as initially I had been further down the coast at the seven sisters to capture sunset.  I found that location to be uninspiring so by the magic of the internet, I found another location near by and decided that Birling Gap would be a better location for my sunset image.  I managed to capture the sunset but I found that the image was nice but not as I envisiged so  I waited for the blue hour as I noticed the tide was going out and leaving these beautiful pools of water in the sand which gave another worldy feel to the image.  I captured the image with a polariser and a 3 stop nd grad filter to take down the highlights in the sky.

Number 3

Nazmul Islam Photography London Landscape photographerNazmul Islam Photography London Landscape photographer


This image is my most recent image and was captured a few weeks ago in Epping Forest, London.  With the year we have had and not being able to travel, I looked closer to home home to dicover areas local to me.  I checked the weather and noticed there would be fog forecasted so decided to take a walk in the woods. I'm no expert in woodland photography so I thought that conditions are ideal for another attemp at this genre of photography.  I arrived quite early in the morning for sunrise and decided to followed the path along the lake to see if I could find any compositions around the shore but as I was about to give up and head further into the woods I came across this scene. I loved how the path leads you into the forest and the fog adds to the atmosphere. In capturing the image I used an aperture of 5.6 and this allowed the background to fall off and add a shallow depth of field to insinuate the background and add to the fog. 

Number 2

Nazmul Islam Photography London Landscape PhotographerNazmul Islam Photography London Landscape Photographer

This image was taken on the Pembrokeshire Coast and is famously known as the Green Bridge of Wales. This rock formation is made of limestone and had been on my bucket list for a while.  I had attempted to photograph the location on another two occasions over the years but it had always been closed as the site is located on is a military base and it is not always open.  This time in February I was lucky to find the location was open and it coincided with my trip.  It is easy to find as it is only a five minute walk from the car park.  I had arrived for sunset but the weather was very overcast and extremly windy. I loved the shape of the arch and how the sea was crashing into the shore and around the arch. I used a slow shutter speed to show the movement in the sea, which made for a dramatic image.  In terms of filters, I only used a polariser to take the glare of the sea. 

Number 1

Nazmul Islam Photography London Landscape PhotographerNazmul Islam Photography London Landscape Photographer

This is another image from Birling Gap and it is my favourite image of the year. This image was taken about half an hour before sunset and there are many reasons why I like the image although not perfect.  I think that I was very excited when I had arrived at the location as it was my first time there and took an opportunity to have a wander around the beach before I choose this composition. I wanted the cliffs to be my main subject as the light hit the side of the cliffs but also wanted to keep some movement in the sea with a slower shutter speed.  I also like the contrast of the black sand with the whites of the cliffs and to balance the image I waited for the cloud to move in to position before I captured the image.  The one thing I regret is not going slightly wider to capture more of the beach. This image has alot of depth which you cannot see on a small screen and has to be visualised on a bigger screen to really appriciate the image.  I used a 6 stop nd fiter and a 3 stop nd grad to balnce the image. 

I hope you liked the images and thank you for visiting my blog and please do follow me on my social media to keep up to date with all my posts.  I wish you all a happy new year and lets hope that the future is a bright one. 



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Beautiful images.
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Really loved these images, beautiful work as always!
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