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Snowdonia, The Ogwen Valley, Wales

July 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
The Ogwen Valley and The Elan Valley I last visited Snowdonia 2 years ago and although I was happy with the images captured, I just didn’t have enough time to explore the area as much as I wanted to as I was only there for a couple of days. Unfortunately, living in London means that most of these wonderful locations around the UK are quite a distan...
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LEMAG Featured Article

January 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
LEMAG (Long Exposure Photography Magazine) Featured Article I am very proud to announce that I have been featured in the November/December issue of LEMAG (Long Exposure Photography Magazine). If you would like to know more about the article and how the images were captured, settings, loca...
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Image featured in Landscape Photography Magazine

November 24, 2019  •  1 Comment
My image in Landscape Photography Magazine I am very proud to announce that the above image has been featured in Landscape Photography Magazine. If you would like to know more about how the image was captured, settings, location and some background information, please follow the link below to the Landscape Photography Magazine website. I wou...
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Dungeness, The Boat Graveyard

October 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
Dungeness is situated on the Kent coast about two and half hours drive from London and it is the furthest point in the East of Kent. Dungeness was a thriving fishing area in the past and all that remains are old fishing boats, hence it is known lovingly by the name, the boat graveyard. The area is very flat and has a shingle beach dipping into the...
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My Image at The Photography Show 2019

April 22, 2019  •  1 Comment
My Image at The Photography Show The Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham is the largest photography event in the UK and has been for as long as I can remember. I first started going to the show around 9 years ago and I look forward to it every year like it is the first time I've ever been, gear heads will know what I mean. This year was like...
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Four Waterfalls Walk, Brecon Beacons

January 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
There are many locations around the UK with stunning waterfalls, like the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in Yorkshire. However, there was one which had numerous falls in close proximity and that was the Four Waterfalls Walk in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. I haven’t shot many waterfalls and with the recent rains, I thought it would be the perfect tim...
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