There are many ways to learn photography and one to one tuition is one of the best methods of getting hands-on experience and having fun at the same time.  Nazmul’s one to one sessions are aimed at anyone who would like to understand the basics of photography and the functions of your camera to specialised types of photography like Landscapes, Cityscapes and Wedding Photography. 

All the tutorials are designed around your specific needs and what you would like to gain from your training and all carried out at your own pace. The tuitions also make a wonderful gift to any aspiring photographer who would like to get more out of their photography and with every booking, you will receive an 8 x 10 print of your favourite image of the session along with ongoing support via a private Facebook group. Nazmul's one to one sessions are for anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level so to find out more please do get in touch via email with your requirements here.  


What is covered on a one to one tutorial session? 


Camera controls and settings - Shooting modes, white balance, exposure compensation, depth of field, Light meter

The exposure triangle - Aperture, shutter speed, ISO

Compositions and framing - the rule of thirds, leading lines, use of frames, symmetry, shapes, creating depth and balance

Understanding light - the impact of light in all forms, colour, behaviour, directional, natural, quality

Subject matter - choosing your subject, emphasising, placement, perspective

Camera kit - choosing the right camera, lens selection, tripods, remote triggers

Resolution, file formats - shooting Raw, jpeg, tiff

Focusing techniques - focusing modes, evaluative, spot metering, point of focus, stacking, manual

Learning your histogram - highlight and shadow control, histogram shapes, blinking

Exposure compensation and bracketing -  semi-automatic modes, exposure settings, merging

The use of filters - types of filters, balancing the image, when to use filters

Post Production- The use of software, dodging and burning, colour correction, merging images, cropping

Flash basics and of camera flash - ttl, manual focus, use of modifiers, high-speed sync

Specialist photography - landscapes, long exposure photography, urban and cityscapes, wedding photography


Benefits of a one to one tutorial session


Learning at your own pace with an experienced photographer

Cover the basics of photography to more specialised types of photography

Pdf of your training program and after training support via online and phone.

Guidance to establishing your own style of photography


Location and Pricing


Tutorials are held in various Central London locations and prices start from £35 per hour£140 for half-day tuition (4 hours) and full-days tuition is £245 (7 hours). Alternative locations are available but are subject to additional charges, please inquire with your preferred location.

Group bookings are also available with a minimum of 4 participants to a maximum of 6 participants.  Group bookings will receive a 10 per cent discount on all sessions booked.  A 50 per cent deposit is required to book a one to one tutorial and once the session has been booked you will be provided with a tailored itinerary along with the full terms and conditions. The balance of your booking must be paid in full, one week prior to your booked session.